Cities of Modum

Sinus Serenum

Sunny Bay

The main port and ship building centre of the Island. A medium city with the highest percentage population of slaves (mainly used as Galley Slaves or to build them, at 32% as opposed to the usual 25%)

The storm god Caeli and the Ship building god Navita Many Oars are both worshipped heavily here with a major Temple on an outcropping into the ocean known as the “Fulgur Virga” or Lightning Rod and a Dry Dock known as “Sanctus Patera” or Holy Bowl is dedicated to Navita.


Hand of the gods

The Capital City and although Large it is segregated by bridges and separate districts. The Temple district boasts shrines and temples to all the gods and so its citizens are known as “Fidelium Defunctorum” or The Faithful Masses. All laws are handed down to the mortal senate from the heavenly senate and justice is dispensed here although sometimes the guilty are sent to Poena for the fighting pits there as punishment. On rare occasions the Gods can be seen, Nuntius the Angel of Leaping (Messenger of the Gods) is often seen at the Senate House and hands down decrees and laws for Mortal Man.

The Arcanum is a university dedicated to knowledge and the worship of Animo the God of Knowledge and saviour of Life. The most gifted mortals come here to become justicars, poets, teachers and clerks. The very gifted are said to be taught the Secrets of Magic.

The gardens of Hellicos are also located here and the Great Withered Tree is still at its centre where people come and tie the names of lost loved ones in the hope of forgetting the pain at their passing. It has been seven years since the black tree limbs gave flower and some now begin to whisper of a dread time of death and misery.


High Bridge

Gateway to the mountains a haven for miners and quarrymen. Is a small and compact city/town and has a small Dwarven community that offer their stone manipulation skills to any. It has some good breweries here too and as such is a close knit and relaxed environment with excellent views. The huge Vespasian Bridge dominates the city scape here and grants dizzying views down into its dusty gorge hundreds of feet below.

Pago Piscis

Village of Fish

A Fishing hub, the largest town/city for miles as there are swamps and marshland close by and its bay is secluded enough that it can be fished even in the storm season, with the proper offerings and prayers to Caeli or Navita of course. The town is quiet mostly and only has a small population, except for the Storm and Dark seasons and during the holy and high holy days in mid Storm Season. Then the place becomes a busy and lively place, with many fires, dances and songs offered up to the gods for a better crop or catch for the following year.


Port of Maids

A market town and port. Medium sized and home to a thriving arts scene. It has the famous “Fures ex Gallery” or Gallery of Thieves where the local artists leave sculptures in the public alcoves dotted around the city in the hope of either a commission or gaining a wealthy patron. Historically the statues were stolen by Portillius Canto a famous thief this practiced ceased when it became punishable by death as the locals voted for this law and it became obvious everyone loved the public art. Portillius then one day bought two villas and made a street to bridge the two and on his death it was opened and contained 53 alcoves and the 17 statues he had stolen. Now each property has a wall and alcove built to honour this local tradition and each has art works and sculptures of great quality displayed for free within.


The Lost Kingdom

Temple and ruins. This place has a tiny population of monks and villagers but is an ancient site containing houses carved into the cliffs here and a peninsular with a vast ruined temple. It has long ago been picked clean of anything of note or value and as such only a few people visit or stay here. The Monks are peaceful and skilled at healing and making fine cheeses (both goats and cows). The locals wear a strange woollen hat even in summer and are gifted at dyes and candle making.


Foolish Price

A market town of medium size, with a fluctuating population as it has a small group of semi nomadic people who claim to have been the natives of the island before the gods created other peoples. It is however peaceful and cosmopolitan, with a reputation for excellent music and wood crafting locally.

The Long Hall is here where each year the competition for the next part of the World Song is held, The Song of Shifting Sands is played only rarely and takes days now to complete but it is said that when the song is complete the World will ascend to heaven and all men will become gods.


City of Punishment

The islands main military hub. Home to the Colloseum of Campara, a huge building which holds the islands annual games. The Gods have a box here and on occasion have come to receive tribute and honour the contestants with gifts and rewards for victory. Professional Soldiers train here for the Holy Modum Army and Slaves can enter the games in an attempt to win their freedom. Prisoners are sent to their doom but provide sport for the masses one last time. Physical contests are not all to the death, or violent. Feats of Athleticism and Prowess are as much a part of it. Music and Poetry/Oratory are also on display here too.

Poena is also has a good cattle market, tannery and leather workers. The smiths of Poena are the finest on the island.