• Bill (Dungeon Master) – I have been table top roleplaying for 35 years. Gods has been that long? I have been described as “Mostly Harmless“.
  • Steph – My Wife, a warm and lovely person. Terrible sense of direction and can be open to the idea of the use of extrodinary rendition in game.
  • Karl – Grumpy tactician and master of all things Sugar and Sweet. Practicle and experienced, with a constant look of horror at previous decisions made by this group.
  • Rhiannon – Berserker, great hugger and dancer. Likes to break things “Hulk Smash!” because in real life she has to do the reverse.
  • Josh – Technical adviser and generous soul. Always offers to help, even if you have a body to burry or you need to pop to the bank with that shotgun.

With Probable regular guests :

  • Rosie – Daughter, loves life and makes me laugh. Responsible for more chaos than a dyspraxic blind one armed man with chainsaws.
  • Jack – Nephew, the youngest of us, but a Dungeon Master in the making. He is shifty though so keep an eye on him.