This is a website to host our Podcast, every other week we run a roleplaying session using a lightly modified Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (With a strong influence from Godbound). The characters will play young demi gods who find themselves in an Age called the “Godwars” and as they battle mythical creatures and other gods for supremacy they will build a worshipper base and nations will rise and fall around them.

Will they be victorious and rise to become worshipped for eternity? Or crushed by other dark forces out for their destruction?

I have listened to a few Podcasts and really enjoy Critical Role, Dragon Friends, Nerd Poker and others but felt I could contibute in a few ways. I wanted to start a campaign at the beginnings of time and develope religions, cultures, races, landscape, history from there grow it organically into a background we can use for any story. I also wanted to add sound effects and edit the material (I have yet to get going, but I imagine it will be a lot of work, but great fun.) These two things will hopefully make our Podcast stand out a little.

♥ We are currently recording it and hope to bring you episodes shortly.